YouTube has been around for years. So many years that I’m upset that I’ve neglected it and never tried my hand at it. So on a whim I decided…I’m going to create a YouTube channel to engage other people and promote my art. Not many people know of my work or me. I’m an introvert so it’s not like I go around broadcasting myself. It’s difficult wanting people to know who you are yet lack the courage to introduce yourself. 

So I hoped that maybe…just maybe I can get away with creating drawing videos without necessarily showing myself in order for people to get to know me and what I do. Not to be famous but to be recognized amongst the art community.

I’ve seen many artists who only showed their hands and artwork sped up while doing voiceovers. I would love to do that as well. I made my official decision when I ordered a small tripod for my smartphone. I can’t afford all of these fancy cameras and video editors and so forth so I gotta work with what I can.

This will be a great opportunity to grow artistically as well as personally. I will receive the tripod by Wednesday, so I’ll attempt to do a video EARLY Sunday morning…my one day off and while everyone is still in bed  so that it would be less awkward 😶 and no distractions.

So here’s to 2017 my year of pursuing change and  growth. Gotta start somewhere because I’ve been stagnant long enough. So lookout for my channel “IllustratedbyGeneka” 😄