What’s going on with me?

Well, I’ve been absent for quite some time working on projects. Being so frustrated with not putting out any new work and not progressing that I put myself in a stage of…not depression…more like self loathing sad to say. I went through a stage where I realized I had been lacking certain techniques and not using what I can do to my advantage. My artwork has always been sketchy. Doing final lines in ink and cleaning up everything was something I dreaded. Funny thing about it, I’ve always like the sketchiness of my art,  but thought to myself…no one wants to look at messy lines. So, I tried to make myself “fix” my problem. Not realizing the “fixing” may have been actually breaking me in the process. I have also realized in my frustration that I tend to overthink things and it in the end keeps my imagination from really excelling into something great. Comparing myself to other artists who effortlessly create their illustrations with ease. Me always wishing I could do the same. Wanting to go back to my sketchy line art…but still afraid of it looking….messy.  So what is a woman to do in this situation? She goes into seclusion and experiment till she gets to where she wants to be. That…is what I plan on doing from this day on. I’ve put myself in such awkward situations and can only blame myself for the outcomes.

What’s the plan? There are so many obstacles I want to conquer.

  • Landscapes, backgrounds, scenery
  • Character designs that fit in with my scenery (simple, sketchy, warm)
  • Line and wash watercolor
  • Sequential art (comics, graphic novels, storybooks)
  • Simple color schemes (my coloring sucks!)

These are the main things I’ve struggled with for years and have yet to get together. It’s sad because I’ve been doing this for so long. As I pointed out before in the earlier paragraph….my art has always been sketchy. Watercolor seems like the best medium to use that will enhance my sketchy art.

My goals are to sketch lots of backgrounds in order to gain that database in  my mind about how to draw them. So far I’ve done quite a few that I’ve been super happy about. Will post them soon. I also want to achieve that  lose sketchy like feel that I’ve always had in my art. I want that confidence in my work to show. One step at a time!