Hello!! As of last week, I’ve been working continuously on illustrating my VERY FIRST BOOK!! ♥♥Yay!!♥♥ Will I give out sneak peeks? Stay tuned and see. This is a journey that I am so happy I’m moving forward in. It’s been a long time coming but better late than never…except for deadlines. There are currently 3 books that I have written. The first one I hope to have done by the end of June. Due to my work schedule, it gets a but hectic, but my passion is illustrating and it’s a must that I actually do it and finish.

I’ve always said that I’m going to one day…make illustrating my full time priority…but it’s not exactly paying the bills…and I have many unfortunately. Still love my craft all in the same, but a dream come true would be making Illustration my full time job. I’ll keep that dream alive and bring it to life one day. Just watch!