I totally did not expect it…but guess who was one of the winners of the June competition for the SCBWI Draw This…..me! I was so not expecting anything at all from it. Seriously, I woke up that morning on July 1st, checked my email and saw that bulletin…and my name with the Congratulations. I had to rub my eyes and refocus to make sure what I was looking at was actually what I was looking at. It was very encouraging to see my art featured especially considering I was a nervous wreck trying coaxing myself to enter and follow through. I should have updated like…..weeks ago, but in the midst of moving and working and other distractions it was just hectic, but it’s ok. SO THANKS SCBWI!! I was unable to enter the July contest due to life, but I’ll most definitely try for next month’s prompt word. Of course I’ll let you know how that goes.

Be blessed!!!