After that experiment with the old art versus the new…I’ve been a bit more open to stepping away from my current art style and want to step into another variation of character construction. I’ve actually grown very fond of drawing smaller eyes for my characters versus the big ol eyes I’m usually drawing them with. The smaller eyed characters seem more…personable and relatable. This new approach is great because I’m not so concentrated on the eyes like eye color and shape. I had even gone as far as to just drawing dots…which is still something to consider if I want to have a variety of characters. The fact that I can draw the eyes small and have minuscule attention and detail to them makes me happy because I am finally on my route to simplifying my approach; and it also gives me more motivation to work on clothing, gestures, and emotions instead of my characters just looking pretty posing for a picture. They need personality and this is a good start and push to get there. Plus it looks less…anime-ish considering I’m trying my best to step away from that style. My big eyed characters most definitely are influenced from anime in its own way. So to stand away from it, this was necessary. After doing several test sketches, I honestly feel this is where I’m staying. The big ol eyes stage was fun but it’s time for a change. Will I stop drawing huge eyes forever? Eh…I dunno. It may be an every now and then thing, but this new style is worth the exploration. I’m prepared to make it my own.

Aside from the video of my sketchbook above, I’ve also sketched up Sailor Moon, as usual, to see her in this style I’ve created…

 I love it…That is all…now I just need to color her.

 Update! I decided to go back to another sketch on my Instagram that I did a little while back and noticed….I drew in that style without thinking about it (top right corner) and loved the outcome. To this day…I still look at it and say “Wow I drew that?”. Even commented on how nicely it turned out. It was different from anything else I had drawn and it embodied everything I had been trying to achieve throughout my years of character designs. Simple, clean, whimsical and just drawn very well. I have no idea what I was doing in order for this to be achieved. I will most definitely be studying this again to get myself back on that same path.