Had a great Sunday!

It’s been a semi successful Sunday. That doesn’t happen very often. I was able to get just a few things done. I pulled out my lovely Rendr sketchbook and started coloring some neglected sketches for practice. I seriously adore this sketchbook. I takes my marker colors beautifully, the paper is super smooth and DOESN’T BLEED THROUGH TO THE NEXT PAGE!!! IT’S LIKE MAGIC!! 
This book here….this book right here…fills my heart with so much joy!!!! I’m honestly considering getting rid of my other marker papers (Canson, Borden & Riley) and just overstocking on Rendr to make sure I don’t run out. Don’t get me wrong, the other brands I mentioned are pretty good too, but Rendr…has topped them both. I will most definitiely be buying more of Rendr sketchbooks in the future, so I pray that they never stop making them. I found out about this book through….YouTube….I swear you can find so much there. There were only about 3 YouTubers who I’ve watched that used and recommended the book…so I had to give it a try, ordered it on Amazon.com and I was immediately impressed. The previous marker papers I used are the Canson brand marker papers. The XL paper I still use.

“Painting Pretty”
The illustrations to the right are all colored on the XL Canson Paper. The way the paper take my coloring reminded me of watercolors. So I’m on the fence about letting this particular paper go. It’s like the best of both worlds. I suck at watercoloring but I love markers…If I can get away with mimicking the look of watercolors with my markers then hey why not!!
“Meet and Greet”


“Tea Time with Mrs. Bearsbie”

This one for some reason, it started getting really weird. I don’t know if they changed the way that they manufactured the paper, but it wouldn’t hold up the colors of my markers. It was smearing and pooling on top…couldn’t mix my colors…it was horrible!! It’s like the paper is coated with something. I really did like the paper back when it was good. Don’t know what they changed or if I just didn’t notice it had always been like that but either way…I’m never buying it again. Now this other paper I just purchased about a month ago has good potential. 

I actually colored this little quickie on the Borden&Riley paper. It took the markers wonderfully and I adored the texture.

Even though it says bright white…it looks kinda creamy to me and it’s textured! I thought that was neat. I think I will mainly use it when I’m just trying to sketch up color ideas for an illustration. My only issue with this one is that fact that it bleeds through to the next page…so having an extra sheet underneath is necessary.

In other going ons…I, just for the heck of it, decided to take an old illustration from years ago to do a comparison of then and now. Have to say…I was pleasantly surprised!

My old art is on the right and my new style that I’ve developed as time went on is on the left. The change is very apparent. I would often complain that I couldn’t see any change in my style of drawing, but doing this experiment…really showed me how much I have grown. It’s encouraging and I plan to do this to other old illustrations as well. Style may take years to develop, but it’s well worth the time because once you see it…it’s very rewarding. So to anyone out there struggling and feeling discouraged because you think you’ll never improve or don’t see any improvement, try what I did and see how far you have come from then to where you are now. You will see it. It may be gradual but every little bit turns into a big change worth smiling about.