I have revisited painting! Created this little cutie of a piece on a wooden fence looking panel thingy with Hoblein Acryla Gouache. Never knew about this acrylic gouache mixture, it’s quite nice! I”m not quite done with this piece just yet but I plan on completing it this weekend.

Will I be selling this precious thing? I don’t know lol, I’ve grown so attached to it, so has my daughter. Prints are most definitely an option as a whole and individuals of each girl. I’m very pleased with how this turned out. The colors and all are very vibrant, I just love it.

Will I be painting from now on? No idea. I would like to explore more with this gouache stuff. It seems like something I can really use and enjoy due to it’s different capabilities. Being able to be used as a watercolor or an opaque color to cover like acylic. It’s a good mix of both into one. I will be most definitely using it again.