Working on building my portfolio a bit more with some new art. What's fun about illustrating is taking your old art and and looking at them with different eyes to create something new.  I took this sketch I drew from maybe about 5 or so years ago and I always liked it just never knew what to do with it, plus I had a fear of coloring over it and messing it up. So after so many years of it just sitting around going to waste, I pulled it up from my old Tumblr and said...I'm going to recreate this with my new eyes and style. Why not give it a go! It's coming out wonderfully and it's pleasing to see how well my new style is taking on life in it's own little way. I plan on finishing this one tonight...hopefully...maybe Friday. Of course it will be posted in my Illustration section and also on my Instagram! After this Illustration I have many other sketches I plan to recreate, so look out for them!