Copic Markers

I love copic markers and I tend to buy buy buy and buy some more. Thing is I have so many…but none of them really relate to each other…color scheme wise. I have such an array of colors but not unity amongst the colors… and that my friends is where I falter! I can just recall so many times trying to create a piece of art and getting ready to color  yet have no ideas about what colors to use and will go together. So when I get stumped…I’m stumped! It sucks because I then get frustrated and feel defeated which leads to an unfinished illustration. SO!!!! I have decided…in order to simplify my markers and just my whole situation when it comes to coloring my illustrations, I need to pick a scheme that I am very fond of and only use those colors!!! Not go out and try others. Stick to a color scheme and that be that. I’ve decided on a warm minimalist palette and a minimalist pastel those two color palettes I feel can be intertwined very well together without any issues and usually I stick with colors like that in my wardrobe. So why not imitate life through my art? On top of this simplifying my art I need to also simplify its entirety!! I have already began going through my markers to see which ones fit into this category of color schemes I’m adopting. I have so many more…but with the bulk of my markers still put away in storage it looks like i may have to buy up some more, sadly. Unless I am able to find  my markers.  Other than that I might just have to deal with the digital thing for a while until I can find the markers or at least can afford replenishing what i don’t have. Which brings me to this today..I’m going to apply this color scheme to my illustration for this book i”m working on for someone. It looks like a good opportunity to give it a go!