Hello world!!! I have officially bought my own domain name and now a website and I’m so excited because it makes me feel ….legit lol. Considering I am in the works of developing my site and portfolio, I have decided  it’s about time that I really put out some work to further enhance my skills. 

My first goal is to purchase and  FILL a whole sketchbook. I had previously said I would work strictly in digital format, but I’ ve been missing my good old traditional way of drawing. Nothing beats paper and pencil. Even though that ctrl+z is a wonderful tool…oh wells. 

I had grown quite fond of copic markers and colored pencils so those will be my tools to use while filling up my sketchbook.  For real I NEED THIS. For far too long I’ve neglected my art and its costing me my happiness and growth as an Illustrator. My fellow artists, do not let anything come between you and your craft!!! Love what you do and do what you love. Time to take my own advice!