Copic Markers

I love copic markers and I tend to buy buy buy and buy some more. Thing is I have so many…but none of them really relate to each other…color scheme wise. I have such an array of colors but not unity amongst the colors… and that my friends is where I falter! I can just recall so many times trying to create a piece of art and getting ready to color  yet have no ideas about what colors to use and will go together. So when I get stumped…I’m stumped! It sucks because I then get frustrated and feel defeated which leads to an unfinished illustration. SO!!!! I have decided…in order to simplify my markers and just my whole situation when it comes to coloring my illustrations, I need to pick a scheme that I am very fond of and only use those colors!!! Not go out and try others. Stick to a color scheme and that be that. I’ve decided on a warm minimalist palette and a minimalist pastel those two color palettes I feel can be intertwined very well together without any issues and usually I stick with colors like that in my wardrobe. So why not imitate life through my art? On top of this simplifying my art I need to also simplify its entirety!! I have already began going through my markers to see which ones fit into this category of color schemes I’m adopting. I have so many more…but with the bulk of my markers still put away in storage it looks like i may have to buy up some more, sadly. Unless I am able to find  my markers.  Other than that I might just have to deal with the digital thing for a while until I can find the markers or at least can afford replenishing what i don’t have. Which brings me to this today..I’m going to apply this color scheme to my illustration for this book i”m working on for someone. It looks like a good opportunity to give it a go!

Been MIA

Yes…Yes I have, been quite busy. Working on a children’s book for someone as well as trying to juggle my work and social life around it. It’s not so easy. I don’t do a lot of socializing but I do a lot of it at home. Living in a home filled with family, it’s full of noise, distractions, and just all around chaos at times. So to just find some peace to be yourself and do what you need to do artistically…is not so simple. Which brings me to a lot of frustration at times when I really need to get something done and it feels impossible to do.  That is my only update that I can share right now. I will update later after completing the book. I am also revamping my style…once again lol. I’m always looking for a way to simplify my art to where I’m completely comfortable and not worried about too much detail. I go back and forth but tend to find myself reverting back to the mainstream stuff that seems like it will get more attention because it looks like some other art that is booming. I am very fond of the simple dot for eyes or maybe just a line to show the eyelids. Guess I’m afraid to make it my style…but I think It would be a consideration since it goes well with my need for simplicity in my artwork. I should really focus on different body shapes and faces. A lot of my characters seem to have the same facial qualities so they never look individual. I’ll get it together eventually. Ugh!