YouTube has been around for years. So many years that I’m upset that I’ve neglected it and never tried my hand at it. So on a whim I decided…I’m going to create a YouTube channel to engage other people and promote my art. Not many people know of my work or me. I’m an introvert so it’s not like I go around broadcasting myself. It’s difficult wanting people to know who you are yet lack the courage to introduce yourself. 

So I hoped that maybe…just maybe I can get away with creating drawing videos without necessarily showing myself in order for people to get to know me and what I do. Not to be famous but to be recognized amongst the art community.

I’ve seen many artists who only showed their hands and artwork sped up while doing voiceovers. I would love to do that as well. I made my official decision when I ordered a small tripod for my smartphone. I can’t afford all of these fancy cameras and video editors and so forth so I gotta work with what I can.

This will be a great opportunity to grow artistically as well as personally. I will receive the tripod by Wednesday, so I’ll attempt to do a video EARLY Sunday morning…my one day off and while everyone is still in bed  so that it would be less awkward đŸ˜¶ and no distractions.

So here’s to 2017 my year of pursuing change and  growth. Gotta start somewhere because I’ve been stagnant long enough. So lookout for my channel “IllustratedbyGeneka” đŸ˜„

Sailor Moon and other randoms

On my one day off on the weekend  I managed to do just a few sketches. Between trying to rest up and entertain my sick 8 yr old, I’m surprised I was even able to get that much done đŸ˜…. 

What I’m happy about with these few sketches is the fact that I thought back to some old art of mine and started pulling some elements I once used to construct my characters. Once I did that…things just  kinda pulled themselves together. I’m going to continue with this. Im also still pursuing a simplistic style but learning how to draw complex such as clothing, hands and feet. Those were my biggest struggles and still are. This is the perfect time to practice. 

More will be posted soon!

Page 1 of my personal “Sketchbook Challenge”!!

There is only so much I can get done when working a full time job and being a mother, so I have to do what I can when I can. This is the first page of my sketchbook. It’s a bit rushed but at least I made the attempt. I would usually do a photo but since the camera on my phone is not that great…uh…I opted to do a short video.

The sketchbook I’m using is the Strathmore Tan Toned Sketchbook. I love the light and textured brown of the paper. It’s a nice change from the usual white paper. I don’t know what it is about white paper, but it’s such a blank canvas and I completely lose focus. like 85% of the time I’m dumbfounded seriously. Smh. The pencils used are Col-erase and a few random Prismacolor pencils that I forgot I had. Coo-erase pencils are such great tools. You can sketch with them just like any other pencils and erase and you can also color with them. A lot of artists use them for the outline sketch of their art, then draw over it with final lines. I like my art to be sketchy so…I dont’t benefit at all from doing clean lines….they scare me.

Sketchbook must have!

I absolutely LOVE LOVE… LOVE I seem to always find the majority of my art supplies there. I just ordered this sketchbook and I have seen great reviews about how well it takes different media. Copic markers which are my go to tools layer very well on the paper AND doesn’t bleed through to the other side. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?! So excited to have stumbled across this jewel.  As stated in my previous post, I plan on filling up that sketchbook with lots of art to further enhance my skills. Too bad I’m having to wait until the 6th to get it *sighs*. The wait is always the hardest part when it comes down to ordering online. That instant gratification is non existent :(.

A big move

Hello world!!! I have officially bought my own domain name and now a website and I’m so excited because it makes me feel ….legit lol. Considering I am in the works of developing my site and portfolio, I have decided  it’s about time that I really put out some work to further enhance my skills. 

My first goal is to purchase and  FILL a whole sketchbook. I had previously said I would work strictly in digital format, but I’ ve been missing my good old traditional way of drawing. Nothing beats paper and pencil. Even though that ctrl+z is a wonderful tool…oh wells. 

I had grown quite fond of copic markers and colored pencils so those will be my tools to use while filling up my sketchbook.  For real I NEED THIS. For far too long I’ve neglected my art and its costing me my happiness and growth as an Illustrator. My fellow artists, do not let anything come between you and your craft!!! Love what you do and do what you love. Time to take my own advice!